Javascript Built-in Types

JavaScript defines seven built-in types:

symbol -- added in ES6!
Note: All of these types except object are called "primitives".

The typeof operator inspects the type of the given value, and always returns one of seven string values -- surprisingly, there's not an exact 1-to-1 match with the seven built-in types we just listed.

typeof undefined === "undefined"; // true
typeof true === "boolean"; // true
typeof 42 === "number"; // true
typeof "42" === "string"; // true
typeof { life: 42 } === "object"; // true

// added in ES6!
typeof Symbol() === "symbol"; // true
These six listed types have values of the corresponding type and return a string value of the same name, as shown. Symbol is a new data type as of ES6.

As you may have noticed, I excluded null from the above listing. It's special -- special in the sense that it's buggy when combined with the typeof operator:

typeof null === "object"; // true
It would have been nice (and correct!) if it returned "null", but this original bug in JS has persisted for nearly two decades, and will likely never be fixed because there's too much existing web content that relies on its buggy behavior that "fixing" the bug would create more "bugs" and break a lot of web software.

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